Interview Of The Month // D-Shake

You see, what we want to do here is not mainly to start digging up memories of the past, what the notion of producers of the rave era. Despite the fact, that era held a haven of tracks in its hands, inspirations peaked and many names stood out. And you see, some names don’t loose radiance in their course of  time.

Such a name is D-Shake , a little search reveals him inside music outfits that count as such : Aad De MooyAlex CortizCat ScannerClaxonDEA (24)Dish CutsDr. NunuElectric SweatFlygangHouse Of NachosHyperInterface (13)JackheadKwench!LeBeauMaloneyMC RiesenknallerNu-Tro-GenParadise 3001Shake Inc.Space UnlimitedSquid (2)Strange WaysSuper Ragga GabbaSuperbarrioThe Hallucination GenerationTime WarpTuna SauvageZoeysonic.

He also made video clips of tracks by Todd Terry and Kraze. Nowadays- the name- D- Shake is still going, and a few more aside.
A very energetic individual like an original Dutchman should be like and a great sense of humour. 

  1. What plays in your car ?
Kraftwerk, Tigerskin, Stmming, Deepchord, Moodymann, to name some.

2. How did it all start for you?
I started playing guitar and singing in a new wave band. From there I bought my first electronic hardware, like a 4 track recorder, the Korg MS10, the Poly 800 and the TR 606 and 707. From there it was a small step to Atari, Cubase and D-Shake, Paradise 3001 and Alex Cortiz.

​3. What is one subgenre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

    4. What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?
808 Pacific State original version

    5. As both a Dj/Producer , which side are you on : entertainment or educational ?
Maybe both. But educational…. that sounds a bit arrogant. What I see is a lack of knowledge of what happened before (historical knowledge) in techno / house music and music in general.

   6. Do you walk around humming melodies?
I don’t hum. I sing like a crazy man, all sorts of self made hysterical tunes  But only in my house and especially under the shower.

A very energetic individual as how an original Dutchman should be like and a great sense of humour, all the communication involved to result this interview was utter fun  .… and while talking about music and listening to Report2Dancefloor Radio, he is the kind of man to happily ask ‘ what is this we’re listening ? sounds really cool, i like this style’ . always keep to discover and immediately we felt the conversation taking us on a very friendly level and we thank him for it.


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